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Xenonauts 2 Being Prepared for Early Access

Developers keep polishing Xenonauts 2 and now are focusing on availability of the game. They’ve discovered that not all players properly understand game mechanics and decided to start working on tips, tutorial and other things. All this is intended to make the game more understandable and prepare it to Early Access or public testing (but specific date still is not announced)l.

Among the improvements in closed beta:

  • detailed tooltip about how hit chance is calculated;
  • detailed description of stats and abilities of each unit in Xenopedia;
  • mission briefing on the start of each mission where you can see win and loose conditions;
  • re-enabling loading tips and a lot of new such tips;
  • various tips that will appear in the process of game.

Also the end of the game will be more rewarding for the player. For example, the developers implemented detail campaign statistics where you can see how many aliens are killed, how many soldiers are lost etc.

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