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Wargame WARNO Gets MASSENA Update

An update named MASSENA is now available for wargame about Cold War WARNO. The main new feature of the update is new territorial command divisions: TerrKdo Süd: K.d.A. Bezirk Erfur for Warshaw Pact countries and TerrKdo Süd for NATO. They include anti-infiltrator units like Spetsnaz, Spetsnaz GRU, Green Berets, B1 commandos, These divisions are not for active fighting but four defense your rear. In general, they do not have high-class equipment but have a lot of artillery and anti-air support.

In addition to new devisions, the update added 8 new maps to the game, including 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3, and a lot of balance tweaks as well.

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