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Victoria 3 Release Date Revealed

Paradox Interactive published a new trailer for Victoria 3, a strategy game about the Victorian era. The trailer includes footage of the game engine and reveals the final release date: October 25, 2022. Pre-orders of the main and Grand editions on Steam are available now.

The Grand Edition includes the DLC Pass and the US Buildings Pack, which will be available immediately after release.

The pass includes the following additions:

  • 1 Music Pack
  • 1 Art Pack
  • 1 Immersion Pack
  • 1 Expansion Pack
  • The Expansion Pass Bonus: The American Building Pack
  • More details about the content of these DLCs will be known only in the future.

Victoria 3 is a grand strategy game with a heavy accent on society management and economics. Players will be able to lead any nation of the 19th century and try to create government as they wish, whether it be a militarized world dominating state or a utopian idyll inhabited by happy and equal people.

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