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Victoria 3 Gets Major Update 1.2, Which Adds Autonomous Investment Pool

Update 1.2 for Victoria 3 has been released, which fixes many bugs and problems, also adding some interesting mechanics to the game. Among them is the autonomous investment system that players have been asking for a long time. This means that now the population will be able to build factories without the intervention of players, using the funds accumulated in the investment pool for this. However, when switching to a command economy, this pool will be turned off and money will go directly to the treasury instead.

Many improvements have been made to the mechanics of war and trade. The AI has gotten a bit smarter, and some UI panels such as trade and population have been significantly redesigned to be more user-friendly.

The newest economic policy, Cooperative Ownership Law, mandates the Council Republic to authorize Workers’ Co-ops production methods rather than doing it themselves. Additionally, players can now assign Strategic Objectives to their Generals to conquer specific states. The Command Economy setting only allows government shares for private sector buildings and pays out government dividends. To enhance gameplay, an In-Game Music Player has been added.

Another one long-awaited improvement: defeating a Native Uprising no longer results in immediate annexation but creates a Colonization Rights agreement, expediting colonization of the country for 5 years. Furthermore, players can now reset the production methods of a state, building, or building type to national standards through the New Lens interaction and additional context menu options.

The full changelog can be found here.

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