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Turn-Based Western Hard West 2 Is Now Available

Hard West 2 is officially out and available for purchase on Steam. The game combines Wild West-styled turn-based battles with occultism and bloody gunfights. Players take on the role of gangster Gin Carter on a heist of a cursed train filled with gold that sets off a story full of dark things and diabolical cruelties.

During the walkthrough of Hard West 2, you can assemble your squad of unique characters, equip them with various items and weapons, reveal their unique abilities, and go on a journey around the world, accompanied by many dialogues with options to choose from. In turn-based tactical battles, the game will offer dynamically changing scenery and Bravada mechanics, with which you can effectively deal with several opponents at once.

Main features:

  • a unique mix of western and dark fantasy
  • classic tactical turn-based fight with bloody effects
  • party management
  • epic quest storyline
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