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Top 5 Strategy Games About Mars Colonization

Do you like futuristic space exploration and city-building strategies? How about combining it all together? Meet our top 5 sci-fi strategy games dedicated to the not-so-distant (we hope) future, in which mankind began the massive exploration of the Red Planet.

Surviving Mars

Of course, this strategy game is one of the very first modern games, which showed the process of Mars colonization so realistic. Allowing for some gameplay simplifications, such as the accelerated time flow, the game does a pretty good job of simulating what the first steps in planetary colonization would look like. First you need to send drones to Mars that will build the basic architecture, then you build domes with an atmosphere suitable for human life, and only then deliver the first colonists on several rockets. After that, another long period will begin in which you will be completely dependent on the supply of resources from the Earth. And only at the end of the game, you will be able to create a completely independent colony on Mars by building vast mining complexes and futuristic cities.

A number of DLCs have been released for the game, which significantly expand the original traditional mechanics and allow you to build colonies under the Martian soil and even do full-fledged terraforming with climate correction. All in all, Surviving Mars presents a rather meditative gameplay, but it is not without challenges: not every player will be able to survive the colony in the location with the highest level of difficulty.


Reshaping Mars

Like Surviving Mars, Reshaping Mars offers to land at a specific location on Mars and start building a colony. Unlike the competitor, the building process in Reshaping Mars is significantly faster, which means that you will be dealing with much larger and more complex colonies. The game also offers built-in terraforming mechanics – without any DLCs, you can “recolor” Mars green.

However, building in Reshaping Mars is limited to hexagonal tiles – you will not be able to freely place your facilities. In general, the graphics of Reshaping Mars look quite simplistic and sketchy, and the game concentrates on the management of many different parts, and also offers a very large technology tree.


Plan B: Terraform

Plan B: Terraform offers an even greater scale than the two predecessors combined. Here you do not just land at a specific point on the planet, here the whole planet is like one map. The main theme is terraforming, with the map again divided into hexagons, which number in the millions. The population will also be able to grow to several million. The game also has roads, vehicles that move along them and logistics. In general, if you want something more ambitious, then this strategy game about Mars is definitely for you.



Terraformers differs from most strategy games about Mars at least in that it is turn-based. Yes, turn-based economic games are rare, but they exist. Terraformers has a specific gameplay that will not appeal to everyone, but there are also fans of this game. Will you like it too?

As the title suggests, the main theme of the game is once again the terraforming of Mars. The gameplay here is more of a static picture and various events that the player interacts with. Cities are sketchy, there’s no 3D. The player has the entire planet at his disposal, including the ability to control several cities, and the goals of the game are set by the selected scenario and a certain number of moves are given to complete them. To achieve them, it is necessary, in general, to correctly identify resources and properly respond to events.



Another turn-based city-bulding strateyg game. Farlanders has retro style, but at the same time it is a very convincing and well-developed product that is interesting to play. The gameplay consist of constructing buildings on a checkered map, and their performance depends on their position relative to each other. During the process of building a colony, the player also do some terraforming. Every map in Farlanders is procedural, so every playthrough is unique.


This list of the best strategy games about Mars has come to an end. We believe that you will enjoy these games, and that you will find among them the favorite one.

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sjgold - Strategy Informer
1 month ago

Hey there, How do you feel about Per Aspera? It surprised me that it was not on the list.