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SuperPower 3 Received Many Negative Reviews

A few hours after the release on October 8, 2022, the geopolitical strategy SuperPower 3 managed to get more than three hundred reviews on Steam, of which only 6% were positive. This is a critically low result, indicating the terrible state of the game. After three days the situation didn’t change, the game still has only 7% out of 700 positive reviews.

SuperPower 3 is criticized for everything that is possible: brakes, stupid AI, lack of training, terrible special effects, a serious lack of content, identical units, a crooked interface, and even the inability to speed up and slow down the game can only be paused. Some players compare the released version with the raw alpha.

At the moment, the developers have not commented on the situation in any way, and it remains a mystery to everyone why the game entered the release stage (and not even early access) in this state – after all, its development was carried out for a long time and was accompanied by a lot of developer diaries.

Many players noticed that the studio GolemLabs developed the game earlier also failed The Guild 3 release in the same way. In 2017, the medieval business simulator The Guild 3 came into early access in a terrible state with many bugs and other problems, that caused mostly negative reviews from players. Only after several years The Guild 3 improved and now has mixed reviews. It appears that the published THQNoric doesn’t learn from his mistakes and lets GolemLabs to produce bad games.

SuperPower 3 is a continuation of a series of geopolitical strategies about the modern world. The game allows players to take control of one of the real-life countries and begin to manage its economy, diplomacy, politics, and wars.

SuperPower 3 in Steam

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