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List of Strategy Games Released in August 2022

The full list of strategy games, released in August 2022:

  • Iron Order 1919 – MMO strategy with long-time battles in the alternative history setting.
  • Regiments – single-player wargame about Cold War.
  • Carrier Commander – strategy/simulator where you can command a carrier and its aircrafts.
  • Two Point Campus – humorous tycoon about university and campus building.
  • Recipe for Disaster – a business simulation game where you take control of your own restaurant.
  • Real Estate Tycoon – Chinese simulator of real estate businessman, still not localized to English.
  • Tiny Tactics – a mini strategy tower defense game.
  • Hard West 2 – turn-based tactics with a colorful story where Wild West and occultism are mixed to create a very dark and bloody narrative.
  • Galactic Ruler – space strategy game that left early access, featured detailed planetary management layout.
  • Capitatim – medieval city-builder.

Entered Early Access

  • Periphery – futuristic MMO strategy about colonization.
  • Catizens – a child city-builder where you build a village of cats.
  • City Block Builder – a game inspired by 00s tycoons, in which you in the role of a war veteran come back to Los Angeles and start a new business.
  • Microbrewery Tycoon – business strategy game about beer production and distribution.
  • Farthest Frontier – city-building game with brand new farming mechanics.
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