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Stellar Monrach 2 Leaves Early Access

Turn-based 4X space strategy Stellar Monarch 2 was released after almost a year of early access. A feature of the game is indirect control over the space empire: like its predecessor, Stellar Monarch 2 allows players to feel like a real space emperor, who is not busy with the movement of each specific ship, but with more important problems: usurpers, intrigues, the loyalty of subjects and the appointment of governors.

The game developer claims that the end of early access does not mean the end of game support. The development will continue but in a different direction. Now there will be no more dramatic changes and the implementation of experimental ideas; instead, upcoming updates will focus on bug fixes, balance improvements, and other things that already exist in the game. However, at the moment the developer has already managed to fix all the identified bugs during the early access period.

Main features of Stellar Monarch 2:

  • you are an emperor, not an army commander – a minimum of micromanagement;
  • simulation of the feudal system on a cosmic scale;
  • liens who live by different rules act as the enemy.

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