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Sci-Fi Space Strategy Game Terra Invicta Entered Early Access

Terra Invicta, a grand strategy game, has been released into Early Access. The game developer is Pavonis Interactive, the studio created by developers of the Long War mod for XCOM series. Terra Invicta tells about the appearance of aliens in the solar system, who settled in the asteroid field and began to extract resources to prepare for the invasion. The player must protect the Earth and the nearest space from the impending threat.

Terra Invicta takes place on a global scale. The player leads a secret organization and can choose his strategy: are the aliens really a threat or are their intentions virtuous? Will humanity be able to defend itself or is it necessary to build an ark and leave the solar system? Terra Invicta is a complex and difficult strategy with an advanced simulation of everything from the interaction of Earch states to the first steps of space colonization and the movement of space bodies. The game is being developed in true sci-fi style.

Main features:

  • deep space simulation;
  • Earth is represented by various fractions with their own agenda;
  • space battles and space building;
  • modding support.
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