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Russian Player Bee has been Disqualified from Red Bull Wololo Legacy AoE Tournament

Russian player Bee (real name is Pavel Zhigarev) has been disqualified from the Red Bull Wololo Legacy tournament, which will take place this fall. The games participating in the tournament: Age of Empires I, II, and IV. The official reason for the disqualification is a violation of the rules of the tournament. According to some sources, Pavel was suspected of cheating related to the fog of war. Pavel, in turn, is going to file an appeal and appeal the decision.

In this interview Bee explains some details

I think the most damning evidence is him continually looking straight into the black fog of war at the opponents base before it’s even been explored at all. And that he stopped doing that after he heard there was an investigation. This is what I heard from beast at least. <…>

– Reddit user watson85

The prize fund of the tournament is $300,000 for first place, $200,000 for second, and $50,000 for third. As of now, there are no confirmed formal allegations of a specific violation of the rules, tournament organizers indicated only “breaking rules”.


On 31 August 2022, the tournament organizers commented that they has enough evidence and investigated the cause with Relic, Microsoft, Red Bull, and other talents. But they can reveal evidence due to privacy reasons.

Bee denies any accusations and made a video, where asks to provide evidence and he permits sharing any confidential information related to the situation with the public. Bee says that he wanted to play this tournament very much and will fight for justice because he doesn’t use any cheats.

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