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New Units in Diplomacy is Not An Option August Update

Diplomacy is Not an Option, a survival strategy game from Russian developers, received an August update that adds several new units to the game at once, each of which has its own unique use:

  • Foot knights – heavy armored infantry
  • Axe warriors – heavy infantry with a powerful attack
  • Horse archers – mobile warriors with bow
  • Mounted knights – heavily armored infantry on horses
  • Burrdam Chimera – a one-off explosive wagon that deals a lot of damage on area

A new building Stable has appeared for hiring cavalry units. The archer and swordsman units that were previously present in the game have received active abilities that increase damage and fire speed. Also, the spearman unit received a passive bonus in the form of three times the damage of the cavalry

The update includes a reworked research tree where spell buffs can be found, and improves the behavior of construction workers, which now prioritize nearby construction sites, thereby not running around the entire map.

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10 months ago

I like this game, it’s like a simplified Stronghold but with more challenge. Didn’t expect such a good product from an Indie studio.