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New Pre-Historic City-Builder Sapiens Entered Early Access

A brand new city-builder Sapiens entered Steam Early Access on 26 july 2022. This game is about building pre-historic settlements and trying to survive. Sapiens is developed by a solo developer Dave Frampton from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. In Sapiens you choose one of the locations on a planet map and start developing a tribe settlement from scratch. Each location offers unique challenges due to unique resources and climate.

The game simulates individual settlers (‘sapiens’) with their families, mood, and skills. To survive each of them should contribute to settlement development by gathering, hunting, constructing buildings, and later by grain cultivation, crafting, and other kinds of activities. The player can research new technologies that can significantly improve the settlement, like the possibility to build stone walls. There are quite large maps in the game so the player can even send the sapiens on expeditions for resources or hunting animals like mammoths.

Here is a roadmap for Early Access:

Main features:

  • Pre-historic tribe simulation
  • Large maps
  • Sandbox gameplay
  • Planetary map
  • You can build multiple cities

Steam page

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