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Manor Lords: Closed Alpha Applications Open

The developers of the medieval city-building strategy Manor Lords believe that they have done enough work to give players a possibility to patricipade in the closed alpha test. However, the studio warns: only those who have a lot of free time and who are passionately waiting for the release of the project should participate. For those who just want to play for free, it’s worth the wait so as not to spoil the experience. Application can be submitted in Discord by writing to the AlphaBot bot.

A lot of work has been done since the beginning of development: the graphics have been significantly improved since the first screenshots of 2020, the sizes of the regions have been significantly increased, the camera has become completely free, and the characters and the retinue editor have been significantly more detailed. There is a realistic livestock system with merchants, new soundtrack, rebels and more. However, the game is still far from finished, and release date is still “To Be Announce”.

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