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Imperator: Rome Goes Into Legacy

Without a big announcement strategy game Imperator: Rome officially went into the Legacy stage. Such a comment left community manager Pariah of Paradox Interactive on a random topic on the official forum where players started to discuss if the game will be further developed. The legacy stage means that the development of the game will be fully canceled. As you may know, before that the developers officially announced only the freezing of the project and said that they will come back with new news eventually.

Official Word: Once a game goes into Legacy, it usually stays there unless a third party publisher either picks up the rights or there is a huge demand for the game that generates enough attention to get the Devs back into the mix. These are unlikely edge cases, but not impossible.

– Community Manager Pariah

Based on mixed player reviews, it’s very unlikely that there will be a huge demand from them as well as some publishers would want to buy the game. So, you shouldn’t hope that development of Imperator: Rome will be continued. But will there be a sequel? Right now, we can only guess.

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