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GZM 11 Mod for Blitzkrieg is Available Now

Eleventh version of large modification “GZM” for classic RTS Blitzkrieg is available now and can be downloaded from the official website of developers team. GZM 11 seriously revises original game and add a lot of new content, expanding the campaigns from 1918 to 1945 years.

Modification offers a number of new campaigns, including: USSR, Germany, USA, United Kingdom, Italy, Hungary, Finland, and Japan, a lot of new models of vehicles, new maps and a revised game balance. GZM 11 supposed to work only with “realistic” difficulty. Saves made in older version of the mod is not compatible with new release and you should start a new campaign.

English localization is available by installing optional archive GZM11_[ENGLISH] which is included in mod archive. Developers notify that it’s not completed yet.