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Galactic Paragons DLC Expands Leader Mechanics

The Galactic Paragons DLC for space strategy game Stellaris, dedicated to gaming leaders, has been released. The add-on and the accompanying free patch “Gemini” significantly expand the mechanics of the leader characters, adding council, new civic models, traditions, traits, and expanding character leveling to the game

One of the main innovations of the DLC is the council, which is made up of the holders of the highest positions in the state. The positions themselves and their functions depend on the type of government. In addition, as you play, it will be possible to meet legendary heroes with their own history and aspirations.

The free patch “Gemini”, which was released at the same time as the expansion, includes a lot of basic mechanics: council, ruler editor, and famous leaders. At the same time, DLC significantly refines and expands them. In addition, the “Gemini” update reworks the ground combat and bombardment mechanics. The overall goal of the changes is to make ground combat more relevant in light of the increase in bombing damage, as well as to allow players to capture planets with just only fleet, which greatly reduces the amount of micromanagement.

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