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Home » Digital Showcase 2022: THQ Nordic Presented 4 New Trailers of Strategy Games

Digital Showcase 2022: THQ Nordic Presented 4 New Trailers of Strategy Games

The Digital Showcase 2022 event took place on August 12, 2022. Austrian studio THQ Nordic presented several brand new trailers, among with there are four strategy games.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign – Medieval Grand Strategy

В трейлере Knights of Honor II: Sovereign представили различные механики глобальной карты: заключение торговых сделок и союзов, отправка священников и шпионов для провоцирования восстаний. Но самое главное – впервые были продемонстрированы бои в реальном времени, которые могут стать самым настоящим конкурентом Total War.

Various mechanics of the global map were presented in the Knights of Honor II: Sovereign trailer. You can make trade deals and alliances, and send priests and spies to provoke uprisings. But most importantly, real-time battles were demonstrated for the first time, which can compete Total War series.

Turn-Based RPG/Tactics Jagged Alliance 3

The video tells about the daughter of the newly elected president, who was kidnapped immediately after the election. Now she will hire a team of brutal mercenaries who will teach villains a lesson in classic turn-based battles with an abundance of blood. In general, Jagged Alliance 3 looks like a classic and solid TBT with RPG elements in the form of recruitment and character customization and a kind of global map shown at the end of the trailer.

Medieval RTS The Valiant

Средневековая RTS, которая расскажет о двух братьях, путешествующих по всей Европе в попытках найти части мощного артефакта – Ааронова жезла. Игра будет включать кампанию, кооперативный режим и соревновательный мультиплеер, предлагая бои вида отряд на отряд с использованием холодного оружия.

Medieval RTS that’s about two brothers traveling across Europe in an attempt to find parts of a powerful artifact – Aaron’s rod. The game will include a campaign, cooperative mode, and competitive multiplayer, offering squad-to-squad combat using melee weapons.

Tempest Rising: Classic RTS With Three Asymmetric Fractions

Newly announced futuristic RTS which claims to be a rebirth of the genre’s classic. Three totally different factions will fight each other in a post-apocalyptic future. Right now they look like just “red and blue”, so we are waiting for details. The game features two story campaigns – looks like that the third fraction will be an antagonist without their own campaign (or maybe in some DLC). In addition, there will be competitive multiplayer with ranked multiplayer matchmaking.

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