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Company of Heroes 3: Three Unique Mission Types

In a new video about Company of Heroes 3, a journalist from gaming magazine IGN talked about three unique types of missions that players will encounter as part of the dynamic Italian campaign. Recall that in the campaign, players will control companies on a turn-based global map, and the types of battles will be determined by when and where these armies clashed. Most of them will have a standard RTS format, and IGN talks about a few unique ones in the video.

  • The assassination of the Nazi commander. This is a special operation, which takes place under the cover of night. The player has a small number of units at his disposal and cannot call for reinforcements. The timer counts down the time until the commander arrives. Before that, the player needs to destroy the guards with as few losses as possible, trying once again to remain unnoticed.
  • Coastline assault. In this type of mission, the player has to capture the fortified coastline of the Nazis. A feature of this task is the presence of many fortifications, prepared defensive positions, and difficult terrain for an attack.
  • The rescue. In missions of this type, players have to get to an important character and his partisan detachment, destroying all obstacles on the way, and then repelling a powerful attack from the Nazis. Thus, the task combines two completely different phases: fast attacking and defensive.
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