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City-building Strategy Game Farthest Frontier Entered Early Access

A city-building strategy game Farthest Frontier has entered Early Access. The game allows players to go to the wild lands on the edge of the known world and start building a completely new settlement there. Farthest Frontier is being developed by American independent studio Crate Entertainment.

Currently, Farthest Frontier features 14 basic resources that can be harvested to produce various items, over 50 different types of buildings of various tiers that can be upgraded, randomly generated maps and advanced villager simulation. Farthest Frontier also allows you to customize the difficulty of the game, from a peaceful and calm city builder to a survival game, where residents can die from diseases or be killed by raiders.

Here you can watch a first look at the game from the developers:

Main features:

  • Procedurally generated maps
  • Customizable difficulty
  • Advanced town and villager simulation
  • Upgradeable buildings
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