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Big Ambitions: Success of a New Business Sim Strategy Game

Released in Early Access on March 10, 2023, Big Ambitions, a business simulation game, received extremely positive reviews on Steam, with 96% positive reviews among more than 1,500 in total. Such results are quite rare for new games, and even more so for those that came out only in Early Access.

Big Ambitions not only allows you to build your own virtual business but also simulates the life of a character. The game begins with the main character receiving an apartment in New York from his uncle. After that, he has to go from an ordinary worker to the owner of a small shop, and later – a business magnate. Players will be able to travel around the city, buy houses and offices, fill them with furniture, manage finances, purchases, and even make logos for their businesses. At the same time, the game will not let you forget that even a successful businessman needs to eat, and therefore he should have a refrigerator at home.

The developers claim that Big Ambitions is a dream game, and then now it is far from complete. If profit from sales allows, then the studio plans to develop in the same way as Factorio has been developing for several years. Big Ambitions now has a fairly extensive roadmap for 2023, during which the game should include underground rooms, new tasks, the end of the game in the form of character death, and many other improvements and innovations.

The main features of the Big Ambitions game:

  • Detailed world and life simulation
  • A lot of business options: restaurants, shops, and giant corporations
  • Room editor, furniture, and equipment
  • Story quests set in New York.
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