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Automatons in Revival: Recolonization

The development of the 4X strategy game Revival: Recolonization keeps going in full swing, and now the developers have added new types of automatons to the game. Automatons are a perverse combination of organic and synthetic matter. They are wandering the world and react to the energy releases that can appear as a result of using some buildings or edicts.

Automatons are in the game on purpose: they can make gameplay more dynamic. And now developers added another three types of automaton robots on top of the one that already existed.

  • Scorcher. Battle automaton with laser and shield.
  • Overclocker. A falling apart robot, but when you destroy it, a large explosion happens that shocks units nearby.
  • Bombardier. Instead of a head, this one has an artillery gun.

In addition, the developers implemented automaton lading. If a fraction becomes an automaton target, the robots can land anywhere. So, you can expect a party right near your capital. So, there will no longer be a situation, where a player can prepare when waiting for automatons for several turns when they are walking through whole map.

The release of Revival: Recolonisation is expected on 2022.

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