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Army General Mode is Coming to WARNO

A strategy game about Cold War WARNO soon will get a new game mode Army General. The developers reported this on the game’s page on Steam. Army General is already known to players in Steel Division 2, and will arrive in WARNO in much the same form. The army general will allow you to fight in single-player, co-op, or PVP.

The new mode will feature several different turn-based campaigns, simulating various large-scale operations involving historical divisions as they existed in 1989. Each map in General of the Army will be between 75 and 150 square kilometers in size and will affect real-life areas of Germany.

By the Army General’s release, 4 campaigns are expected, which will simulate a hypothetical World War III. Each can be played as NATO or the Warsaw Pact’s countries. The exact release date of the mode is not specified.

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