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Ancient Wars: Medieval Crusades – Classic Medieval RTS in Development

JOTASOFT STUDIOS which recently released the Definitive Edition of another classic RTS game Ancient Wars: Sparta is currently working on a new real-time strategy Ancient Wars: Medieval Crusades. This RTS, judging by the screenshots, is very similar to its predecessor, but transfers the scene to a medieval setting. Apparently, Medieval Crusades is being developed on the engine of its predecessor.

Trailer of Ancient Wars: Medieval Crusades

The developers promise 5 factions with completely asymmetric gameplay: Russians, Crusaders, Arabs, Byzantine Empire, and Mongols. The game will include RPG elements, unit customization, three campaigns, competitive multiplayer, and weather conditions that affect battles. A release date has not yet been announced. Firstly the game will enter Early Access.

Main features:

  • RPG elements
  • Classic RTS gameplay
  • 5 asymmetric fractions
  • Weather conditions affect the gameplay
  • Naval and ground battles
  • Heroes and up to 200 various skills

Steam page

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