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City-Building Game Ancient Cities Leaves Early Access

The long-term path of the city-building game Ancient Cities has come to an end. The game has come a long way from raising funds on Kickstarter to the realization of all the stated goals. During the Early Access period, the following features were implemented in the game: trade, raids, various labor activities, rites and rituals, procedural simulation of the environment, knowledge spreading system, social structures, relationships, an expanded number of buildings, and hunting. On top of that, the game received countless small updates with bugfixes and improvements.

The developers claim that after the release, the development of the game will continue – the Uncasual Games studio will fix bugs and further improve the game. There are plans to turn the game into a platform for future updates, some of which will be announced in the near future.

Ancient Cities is a prehistoric city-building game in which the player takes control of a small Mesolithic tribe and helps them survive in the wilderness. By extracting resources and developing technologies, over time, you can turn your settlement from a prehistoric village into a prosperous ancient city.

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