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5 Unusual Strategy Games About Animals

Look at five strategy games about little and big fluffy creatures. Who’s to say that strategy game lovers can’t love animals?

Territory: Animals Genetic Strategy

An isometric strategy game in which the player controls one of more species of animals and maintains their residence in a certain area. By changing the genome, it is possible to influence the behavior of a species, which will allow it to survive in a harsh environment and natural selection.

The player controls animals indirectly: for example, creatures will only migrate to new territory when they become hungry. The game includes a standard mode with preset goals and a sandbox where you can play without any restrictions.


Learning Factory

A strategy game about building a factory on Mars in which you need to produce various things, sell them to cats, and satisfy their demand. Moreover, to analyze demand you can use machine learning technologies. The game has taken the best features of factory simulators, including assembly lines and automation, and combined them with an unusual setting.

The developers emphasize the integration of machine learning in the game: Learning Factory uses exactly the real adaptation of this technology, and also contains an in-game encyclopedia for those who want to study this topic more deeply. The main objective of the game is to make your factory as productive and efficient as possible.


Cat Cafe Manager

A casual economic strategy game in which players have to go to Caterwaul and revive Granny’s cat cafe. In the process of recovering the building and welcoming the first guests, you can make friends with the locals and provide a home for many furry friends. This cute game is perfect for kids or girls.



Timberborn answers the question: what would happen if beavers became the dominant species in a post-apocalyptic world? The strategy proposes to build a beaver settlement and not let them die from another drought. An additional feature of Timberborn is the simulation of water and river flooding, as well as the ability to change the landscape by redirecting the flow of the rivers.

The game is constantly being improved and updated with new content. For example, a recent update added golem bearers and dynamite. After opening a quite complex production of this explosive, players have even more options for terraforming.


Pest Control

In this game, animals are no longer friends, but sworn enemies. Pest Control invites players to try themselves as a pest exterminator. Face off against giant mice, spiders, cockroaches, and rats in classic turn-based battles.

The game is quite rich in content: a variety of animals, the possibility of crafting traps and pumping characters, as well as 87 missions, including story and side missions. But be careful: here you will have to deal with vicious animals! In general, not for the impressionable players.


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